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<What is Canon EXee?>


其實這部相機的主人不是我, 它我的女朋友皮皮在家堛漣氻U底找出來的古董相機 , 也是我第一部親手接觸的單鏡反光機. 它被"發掘出來的時候, 機身封塵, 50mm標準鏡頭嚴重發霉, 而95mm長鏡頭亦有輕微發霉的現象, 我嘗試用盡所有方法, 好像情況有所改善. 但未知會否嚴重影響影像質素.

這台中古相機開始生產於1969十月. 機身後鏡包括3 elements in 2 groups連一支50mm(f/1.8)標準鏡原價33,000 yen, 另外購買一支95mm(f/3.5, 6 elements in 4 groups)11,000 yen. 這部相機有很多特點, 例如: shutter speed-priority AE, maximum-aperture TTL metering and AE, a bright aerial image viewfinder, and focal-plane shutter, Centerweighted averaging metering.


Normal Lens Canon EX 50mm f/1.8 (3 elements in 2 groups in body's rear lens)

Lens Mount Dedicated screw mount (EX mount for interchangeable front lens element)

Shutter Two-axis, horizontal-travel focal-plane shutter with cloth curtains. X, B, 1/8, 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500 sec.

Built-in self-timer.

Flash Sync FP- and X-sync automatic-switching sync contacts with German socket.

Control CdS cell for TTL stopped-down shutter speed-priority AE and centerweighted averaging metering at center.

Film speed range from ISO 25 to 800.

Power Source One 1.3 V HD mercury cell
Dimensions & Weight 143 x 92 x 84 mm, 900 g (with EX 50mm f/1.8)

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