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<What is Yashica Electro 35?>

"Yashica Electro 35" 1964年四月開始於日本生產, 配備45mm f-1.7超大光圈鏡頭, 葉形快門, 疊影對焦, 光圈先決, 先定Film ISO, 再定光圈, 相機自定快門. Viewfinder附近有兩粒燈, 一粒橙色代表快門慢過1/30sec, 紅色代表快門快過1/500sec. Seiko電子快門最長可至曝光15秒.

Yashica Electro 35是我第一台手動相機, 它鏡頭己經嚴重發霉, 我也不知道它能不能繼續拍照. 其實我己經試拍了一卷菲林, 但那時第一次接觸手動相機, 不懂回捲菲林, 那第一筒菲林就被我整斷了. 但無論如何, 我實實在在用這台相機學習了相機的基本結構及拍攝的原理.


Lens: COLOR-YAHINON DX f1.7 45mm, 6 elements in 4 groups, stops down to f16.

Shutter: Electronic shitter with an infinite range of speeds from 1/500 second to 30 seconds. B setting built in self-timer, X sync. (X-contact Hot sync). Shutter release lock, automatic setting.

Focusing: Coupled range/viewfinder focusing: 0.8 meter to infinity, bright frame with automatic parallax conpensation.

Exposure Control: Solid state "Electronic Brain" controls the electronic shutter according to light intensity measured by the Cds sensor, precise shutter speed for correct exposure in any light is determined and set AUTOMATICALLY, exposure symbols for easy selection of aperture, arrows warn against over exposure and signal show shutter speed and advisability of using a tripod.

Other Features: Single stroke film advance lever changes shutter, sets electronic exposure control to standby condition, registers count of exposed frames and crankhandle for rapid film rewind. Multi-slot take-up shool for easy film loading, battery checker incorporated in the exposure counter window.

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