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<What is Canon Prima Super 120?>

這台傻瓜相機開始生產於1999年九月, 建議售價46,000 yen. 自動對焦, 配備38mm-120mm(F/4.5-10.9)3.2x zoom非球面鏡頭. 預設多種拍攝模式, 亦可自選個人設定.

這是我第一台擁有的相機, 當時對攝影開始有興趣, 而且自己常常周圍走周圍玩, 所以想要一台輕便又光學好的照相機. 當時想買單鏡反光機, in budget有Canon EOS 88, 但評論不太好 , 而且體積大不便於攜帶. 最後就選擇了這台Canon Prima Super 120, 它陪伴我攀山越嶺, 出國旅遊, 我十分滿意它的質素, 品質穩定, 色彩飽和.

Lens: 38 - 120mm f/4.5 - 10.9, 7 elements in 6 groups. One molded glass (GMo) aspherical lens element.
AF System Active/passive hybrid 3-point dual AI-AF. AF working range: 0.6m - infinity (normal mode), minimum focusing distance of 0.43 - 0.58m (close-up mode).

Focusing point selection: 3-point AF, manual selection of center-point AF.

Shutter: Electromagnetic programmed shutter/aperture.
Built-in electronically controlled self-timer.

Control SPC for fully automatic program AE with 3-zone evaluative metering/spot metering.

Metering range: EV 3.5 - 18.5. ISO film speed range: ISO 25 - 3200

Exposure compensation: manual exposure compensation of +/- 1.5 stops, automatic exposure compensation of +1.5 stops under backlit conditions.

Shooting mode: seven shooting modes are selectable by the mode dial: auto, spot, action, night scene, close-up, portrait, personal

Built-in Flash: Built-in light-guide zoom flash extends by a motor with main switch on.

Power Source: Two 3V CR-2 lithium batteries.

Dimensions & Weight: 115 x 63 x 45 mm, 250 g

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