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<What is Ricoh 500G?>

Ricoh 500G五十年代尾開始於日本生產, 至七十年代已經停產. 機身十分小巧, 疊影對焦, 手動快門及光圈, 雖然是四十年前的相機, 但功能郤一點也不落後, 電子測光, 快門先決, 可選擇自動光圈. 作品成色自然真實, 景深層次分明. 這是我的collections堥鉹中@個最愛.


Lens: 40mm color Rikenon f/2.8 lens

Shutter: Mechanical shutter, B. 1/8 - 1/500 sec.

Viewfinder: Parallax correction marks, superimposed rangefinder patch, f-stop scale, exposure meter needle,
over and underexposure warning red zones, "M" for manual operation visible

Exposure Meter: CdS exposure meter, fully automatic and manual override

Single-stroke film wind lever: One motion advances film, cocks shutter, counts exposure and prevents double exposure.

Built-in Self-timer: Lets you get yourself into your photo.

Hot shoe: The direct-contact type accessory shoe enables you to use direct-contact type flash unit or electronic flash unit without difficulty.

Dimensions: 111(width) x 71(height) x 56(depth)mm

Weight: 580g

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